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St Helens did not exist as a town in its own rights until as late as the middle of the 19th Century. The town has a complex evolution spurred on by rapid population growth in the region during the period of the Industrial Revolution. Between 1629 and 1839 St Helens grew from a small collection of houses surrounding an old chapel, to a village, before finally becoming the significant urban centre of the four primary Manors and surrounding townships that make up the modern Town.

The origin of the name "St Helens" stretches back at least to a "chapel of ease" dedicated to St Elyn, the earliest documented reference to which is in 1552. The first time the Chapel is formally referred to appears to be 1558 when Thomas Parr of Parr bequeathed a sum of money "to a stock towards finding a priest" at St. Helen's Chapel in Hardshaw.
Later on as industries such as Steel and Glass developed so did the need for leather products such as pony tack and belts to drive the machinery which was introduced in great numbers throughout the area.

Nowadays most of the leather product in the UK is imported, usually as finished furniture, shoes and other goods. Leather has certainly forged its place in the british household and with it companies like Ferndown Leather Services have come into existance to provide repair services to trade and general public. Ferndown Leather Services provides leather repair, cleaning and conditioning activities aimed at bringing leather back to as near its original state as possible prolonging its useable life and ensuring that the item continues to look good even after many years active & continual use.
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