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Bolton has had leather industry in its locale for many years.  Consider the fact that in the days of the cotton mills, which were prominant in Bolton and surrounding areas, all the looms and other machines were driven by leather belting. Walker's Tannery produced drive belts that ran the machinery in most local mills and of course Walker's went on to be a major leather tannery within the british leather manufacturing industry.
Nowadays most of the leather product in the UK is imported, usually as finished furniture, shoes and other goods. Leather has certainly forged its place in the british household and with it companies like Ferndown Services have come into existance to provide car and domestic repair services to trade and general public. Ferndown Services provides leather repair, cleaning and conditioning activities aimed at bringing domestic leather back to, as near, its original purchased state as possible prolonging its useable life and ensuring that the item continues to look good even after many years active & continual use.